Starting the write-up for a sequel to Agencies today

I am starting the write-up for a sequel to Agencies today.  Although Agencies can stand alone as an individual novel, there are some plot lines that I considered following up in future stories.

The sequel to Agenies will involve some of the characters from the original book, but I plan to again allow it to stand as an individual novel.



Sci-fi spy thriller ‘Agencies’ now available worldwide in paperback and ebook.

‘Agencies’ by James Aston is now available worldwide in both paperback and ebook.  Some international links:


Paperback and ebook:


Agencies is a fast-paced sci-fi novel set in the near future covering Moon exploration, spys and espionage, an escalating series of conflicts between two well equipped security agencies and a man on a mission to recover information before it falls into the wrong hands.

Also available at other excellent bookshops.