Combat augmented

The commander stood on the crystallised desert surface watching a column of combat vehicles roll towards him.  When they were a few hundred metres away he stepped out from behind the tree that was shading him from the glare of three suns – directly into the path of the first craft.  The insignia of the enemy was emblazoned across its front.  As the craft rolled closer the commander held his ground.  He took an involuntary draft of breath as the image of the vehicle engulfed him and passed over him.  A second later he removed his augmenting visor – the enemy vehicles disappearing immediately.  “In an hour, this is where they will pass.”  He relayed the result of the simulation to the remnants of the squad surrounding him.  “This is where we attack.”

Canon has announced the imminent release of an augmented reality (mixed reality) product that can be used to overlay a real-time generated 3D view of the environment / objects into the field of vision of the user. See the press article with video here: