Looking for self-published and indie sci-fi recommendations

I have decided to broaden my horizons from well-known and publishing house fare in the sci-fi world. So I am looking for recommendations of stories to read. There are no criteria but as you can only read so much I’ll (most of the time) use the following preferences when picking the next story to read.

– Prefer self-published and indie books over larger publishing houses
– Prefer short stories over novellas and novels
– Prefer stories I can buy and read on Kindle
– Prefer hard sci-fi over sci-fi that borders on fantasy
– Prefer more recently published to less recently published

If you are the author of such a story, or if you have read a story that you think I may like – then ping me a direct message on social media or via email (james at james-aston.net). Obviously tell me the title, author and preferably a link of where to buy it. If I enjoy the story I will leave a review, if there are areas I think could be improved (from my personal perspective) I’ll include those in the review.

Once I have read enough I will likely create and update a self-published and indie sci-fi reading list on my website somewhere.


(P.S. This is an ongoing, no catches, no obligation thing. But I am looking for direct recommendations rather than taking them from the social media river we all bathe in.)