Mirror Man by James Aston now available on Kindle

Mirror Man, the fifth stand-alone story in my every-other-month series of new science fiction stories is now available on Kindle – see https://james-aston.net/science-fiction-stories/ for details and Amazon links.

Mirror Man

Robert picked up his briefcase and paced towards the exit of the hotel lobby. He was in a hurry to prepare for his meeting the following day.

“One moment please.” The receptionist behind the desk said.

Robert stopped, wondered what it could be and turned back. He watched the receptionist pick a form out of a tray behind the counter then hold it out to him. “If you could fill this in and send it back.” She said.

Robert gave her a quizzical look.

“It’s a feedback form.” She said. “We’d like to know what we did right and what we did wrong. In case you come back again.”

Robert snatched the form from her and pushed it into the pocket of his thick winter coat. “Thanks.” He said.

Outside the hotel a solitary cab stood waiting in the rank. Robert strode across the pavement to claim it, but before he reached the cab he was pushed aside by a tall man with curly black hair.

“Get the next one buddy.” The man said before he jumped into the taxi and pulled away. Robert stood, surprised at himself for letting his cab be stolen and watched the car recede down the street.

Time rich is not a phrase Robert would use to describe himself, but that may be about to change. A chance encounter with an alluring woman twists his perception of space and time – and his place within it.