Flash Fiction

Burning metal

The astronaut tugged at the lever but she couldn’t move it. The servos that were built into the fabric of her space suit … (more)

Harvesting the richness of space

The dim solar light flickered as the cloud of dust rose from the surface of the asteroid.  Three suited … (more)

Creatures from the goo

The creature pulled itself from the layer of stagnant water and fell against the glass … (more)

Robotic salvation

He shivered.  The cold was starting to creep through him.  He pushed at the concrete beam … (more)

The beast under salmon skies

The creature rose to its hind feet, looked upwards at the salmon-coloured skies and … (more)

Reality fading into view

A pulse of light flashed in her peripheral vision drawing her attention away from the ghost … (more)

The brains of the famous

The student connected the final section of tissue to the electrical sensor.  She pulled her hands …  (more)

Riding the fury of Dione

He flicked closed the filter on his helmet, unbound the tether that was holding him to the spacecraft … (more)

The arena of the robots

The machine tested its legs, they were still working.  It stood and surveyed … (more)

A long, long time ago in a country far, far away

He walked from the cave, a rasping sound emanating from his throat as he struggled … (more)

Let the waves guide my path

He lay on the wooden deck of the small craft gazing up at the relentless sun.  The hunger gnawed … (more)

A game of intelligence

The woman walked to the access port and pressed her hand against the panel.  It flickered into life … (more)

The dance of the satellites

The surveillance craft turned as it continued its silent orbit of the Moon.  Its sensors … (more)

The running robot

Slow at first and then with increasing speed the robot sprints across the harsh … (more)

The world drifting through darkness

A circle of darkness obscures the starfield beyond.  It moves slowly … (more)

The computer on the wall

Sporting a device reminiscent of the shoulder weapon from Predator, a man slowly … (more)



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